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The Avenue F Church of Christ has experienced many transformations during its 45 years of existence. It is the first and only predominately Black Church of Christ congregation in Plano, Texas. It began in 1957, when Bro. Elbert Moore, minister in Garland, Texas baptized the first member of what was then called the Avenue G Church of Christ. Bro. W.R. Beal, the first minister of the newly formed church, began working to move the congregation forward in membership. Bro. Beal and his wife struggled long and hard with the church. They worshiped in a worn down house on Avenue G. Whenever it rained, it would rain inside the house.
Sis. Annie Mae Clough, who was the first member to be baptized, invited the church to worship in her home. In 1960, Bro. Beal invited Bro. Oscar Lee Bailey, who had been preaching in Dallas, Texas to Plano to preach. Bro. Beal informed Bro. Bailey of his plans to resign. In 1962, Bro. Beal did resign, however, Bro. Bailey had also been offered and accepted the ministry in Mineral Wells, Texas. For two years, the Plano church was without a full-time minister.


In 1963, the congregation purchased materials to build a 20×20 one-room building on two lots at 1407 Avenue H, which were purchased by the elders of 15th Street to 18th and P (now the Pitman Creek Church of Christ). The elders and trustees of the church were Bros. I.E. Crane, E.I. Kennedy and L.W. Burch. In February 1964 and as a result of encouragement from Bro. Burch, Bro. Bailey assumed the ministry in Plano, Texas as the full-time minister. Bro. Burch stayed with the congregation for one month to assist in the transition. Despite its slight membership, the church held its first gospel meeting in 1965 with Euless Turner as the speaker.
The church membership continued to grow. In 1966, the Avenue H congregation built a new building, which seated 75 people. In the 1980’s, it became apparent that the congregation needed yet more room to grow. In 1981, Hamilton Park Church of Christ (now Greenville Ave Church of Christ)gave the congregation $220 which would be the first donation towards a building fund. In 1984, the congregation became incorporated. There were six trustees: Bros. Morris E. Bailey, Fred M. Hodridge, Dan Richardson, Bobby Richardson, Herman B Callaway and Oscar L. Bailey. The congregation purchased two lots at 905 Avenue F. In 1986, the congregation purchased four lots at 1026 Avenue F, its current location. In February 1994, the congregation sold its property at 1407 Avenue H to the Cityof Plano and moved into Avenue F, where the Avenue F Church of Christ anticipated continued growth.

In 2001, Bro. Craig Christman became the minister of Avenue F. Under his leadership, the congregation grew to approximately 150 members and the church hired our first youth minister, Bro. Ramon Hodridge.


Bro. Craig Christman remained the minister until September 2006 when Bro. Ramon Hodridge assumed the role of full-time minister of Avenue F and growth has continued for the congregation. Under his leadership, an addition was added to building, a part-time office administrator, Sis. Cheryl Morgan was hired, and a family life minister, Bro. Bret Paschel was appointed. Additionally, new programs in the various ministries have evolved and in 2010, Bro. Hodridge began training aspiring leaders to become the congregation’s first elders and deacons.
In 2010, the congregation was offered the opportunity to purchase land adjacent to the church’s parking lot. The first elders and deacons were installed in February 2011, which include Shepherds – Larry Bowditch, Fred Hodridge, Michael Kelly and Rowland Strong and Deacons – John Batts and Frank Spencer. Since the installation, additional land was acquired in partnership with the local Habitat for Humanity charity. The congregation is planning for future growth, with a new facility and more opportunities for better community outreach.


The congregation is on a mission to raise $1 million dollars to help with the following initiatives:
Building a larger facility on some of the newly acquired property
Remodeling the current facility into a Community Service/Youth Center
Building a gym and day care facility
Becoming better positioned to build up God’s kingdom and reaching those in need
We pray that God will be pleased with our efforts and be with us in all our endeavors to do His will.